Use this online configurator to plan your build cost of a new Backdraft Roadster Rolling Chassis from a Backdraft Authorized Reseller of your choosing. Below you will find pricing guidelines for popular powertrain installation costs. This is only a guide for determining general pricing, it is difficult to convey all options and pricing through this format, call our Sales Department toll free at (888) 427-1965 for assistance and custom pricing or email us if you prefer.



  Body Color - [S] Denotes Factory Stock Color for 2024  
  Stripes Color - [S] Denotes Factory Stock Color for 2024  





GT Body   $2,250
Black Out Edition
Custom Paint - Pearl or Tri-Coat Color
Outline Stripes
Center Stripe
Rondells (Gumballs) see pic $825
Fender Stripes
Rookie Fender Stripes see pic $400
Paint Stripes Back of Hood
Paint Engine Compartment
Black Out Engine Compartment Panels
Passenger Side Roll Bar   $980
Delete Roll Bar   -$400
Flat Hood (No Scoop or Rivets)   -$100
OEM Style Hard Top see pic $4,500
Fastback Hard Top   $6,500
No Top   Standard
Soft Top (Cloth) see pic $2,500
Soft Top (Vinyl) see pic $2,000
Tonneau Cover Vinyl see pic $800
Black Out Top or Tonneau Hardware   $200
Ray Dyot Mirror Driver Side   $185
Ray Dyot Mirror Passenger Side   $185
Overider Bumpers see pic $600
Full Bumpers   $1,000
3M Rear Fender Paint Protection   $400
3M Door Tops Paint Protection   $350
3M Full Door Paint Protection   $400
3M Full Nose Paint Protection   $1,200
3M Complete Paint Protection Package   $2,000
Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating   $1,500
LED Headlights   $350
LED Headlights with DRL and Halos   $600
Traditional Fender Emblems   $100
Billet Fender Emblems   $250
Cross Stitch Interior Stage 1   $1,875
Cross Stitch Interior Stage 2   $2,675
Add Cross Stitch to Rear Bulkhead   $800
Cross Stitch Trunk Floor   $300
Dual Cross Stitch Interior with GT40 Accents   $3,200
Diagnol Interior   $1,500
Color (Black is Standard)   $950
Glove Box   $650
Passenger Seat Slider   $195
Autometer Cobra Gauges Upgrade   $1,500
SpeedHut Custom Gauges Upgrade   $1,500
Carbon Fiber Dash with Custom Gauges   $3,000
Carbon Fiber Dash with Aviator Package   $4,000
VMS Aviator Switch Panel   $600
VMS Billet Engine Start Button   $85
Leather Steering Wheel   $250
Steering Wheel Quick Release   $200
Hurst Short Shift Handle   $85
Billet Knobs   $40
Seat Belts - Traditional Style   $350
Seat Belts - Cam Lock Style   $420
Seat Belts - Black Out Cam Lock Style   $450
Heated Seats - Pair   $500
Heater   $800
Air Conditioning   $7,000
USB Dual Power Port   $85
Chrome Fire Extinguisher   $200
Deluxe Fire Extinguisher with Billet Mount   $500
Safecraft Fire Extinguisher with VMS Seat Mount   $700




Power Steering Rack   $1,400
18" Knock Off Wheels   Standard
15" Knock Off Wheels   $2,500
19" Forgeline Wheels   $7,500
335 Rear Tire Upgrade   $350
Wheels: Standard Finish   Standard
Wheels: Polished Lip   $1,200
Wheels: Custom Color Center   $1,400
Wheels: Black Out   $1,000
Wheels: Full Chrome   $2,500
VMS Wilwood Big Brake Kit   $5,000
Wilwood Custom Colored Calipers Upgrade   $900
3.73 Rear Ratio Upgrade   $1,000
VMS Mid-Mount Crossmember   $500
VMS Tow Hook   $250
DSS 1,000+HP Axles   $2,500
VMS Oil Cooler System with Thermostat   $1,400
Aluminum Radiator with Full VMS Shroud   $1,000
VMS Engine Bay Air Pan   $220
VMS Solid Motor Mounts   $200
VMS Oil Catch System   $550
VMS Stage 1 Remote Billet Clutch Reservoir   $500
VMS Stage 2 Triple Tank System for Brakes and Clutch   $900
VMS Stage 3 Triple Tank System for Brakes and Clutch   $1,000
VMS Street Car Exhaust with Rear Exit Tips   $3,500
VMS Sidepipes   $1,600
Ceramic Coat Headers   $600
Ceramic Coat Side Pipes   $1,000
Aluminum Fuel Tank   $720
Aluminum Fuel Tank with Internal Pump   $900

* Special Order Options subject to availability and may increase costs and/or require other equipment changes to accomodate.

These quotes are for reference only and are a good basis for planning the completion costs of your Backdraft Roadster Rolling Chassis.

No Engine or Transmission Standard

The Backdraft Roadster comes with the headers, motor mounts, and driveshaft for your powerplant. Complete your roadster over the course of several weekends.


Popular powertrain configurations based on quality, performance, and overall value.

VMS 427Xv3FI - Fuel Injected - 585HP - Tremec TKX $30,000
VMS 427Xv3SFI 8 Stack Fuel Injected - 595HP - Tremec TKX $38,000
Ford Racing Gen3 5.0 Coyote - 515HP - Tremec TKX $30,000
VMS 427Xv3 - 585HP - Tremec TKX $28,000
Roush 427R - 550HP - Tremec TKX $32,000


The Backdraft RT4 is optimized for a small block powertrain. The power and performance of a big block in a lighter package.

VMS 427Xv3 - 595HP - Tremec TKX $29,000
Roush 427R - 550HP - Tremec TKX $32,000


Fuel injection has turned a corner for these cars, efficient and reliable options have emerged, from units that look like a carb to stack injection.

VMS 427Xv3FI Fuel Injected - 585HP - TKX $30,000
VMS 427Xv3SFI 8 Stack Fuel Injected - 595HP - TKX $38,000
Roush 427IR - 560HP - TKX $40,000


Ford's Coyote 5.0 offers some outstanding performance with modern day reliability and efficiency.

Ford Racing Gen3 5.0 Coyote - 515HP - Tremec TKX $30,000
Ford Racing Gen3 5.0 Coyote - 515HP - 10 Speed Automatic $38,000
Roushcharged 5.0 Coyote - 600HP - Tremec TKX $44,000
Ford Racing GT500 Predator 5.2 SC - 850HP - Tremec T-56 Magnum $69,000


Polished Engine Package on Small Block Ford Engine $1,400
Black Out Engine Package on Small Block Ford Engine $1,000
Automatic Transmission Substitution for Manual Transmission $3,000
Quicktime Safety Bellhousing Upgrade $450

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